Inspiration #12

Color: White
Length: Long
Collar: Roll
OvercoatClosure: Hidden
Front Closure: Zipper
Overcoatbelt/Martingale: Elastic belt
Cuff: With sleeve loop
Upper pockets: Shaped
Lower pockets: Slanted
Hood: Yes, detachable hood
Back seam: Single seam
Vent: Single vent
Shielded pockets: No
Inner lining: Silver
Padding: Standard (bust + sleeves)
Warmth: Very warm (45 gr)
Lumbarheating band: No

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The combination of the compositional elements of this configuration aspires to the creation of an urban, contemporary, impact full garment. Characterized by the presence of the innovative Skudomade elastic belt, comfortable and practical, the garment transmits an extreme feeling of comfort and protection without sacrificing style. The shaped flaps of the upper pockets, with soft lines, are reflected in the choice of the oblique lower pockets, which allow you to combine the comfort of a large pocket with a clean and fluid line.

Technical features: 2 way stretch – breathable – stain repellent – water repellent – waterproof – wind repellent – oil and dirt repellent
Raintest AATCC 35-2000: Pass


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