Inspiration #04

Color: Light brown
Length: Medium
Collar: Roll
OvercoatClosure: Hidden
Front Closure: Zipper
Overcoatbelt/Martingale: No belt/no martigale
Cuff: Sleeve loop with button
Upper pockets: Slanted
Lower pockets: Diagonal flap
Hood: No Hood
Back seam: Single seam
Vent: Single vent
Shielded pockets: No
Inner lining: Gold
Padding: Standard (bust + sleeves)
Warmth: Very warm (45 gr)
Lumbarheating band: No

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The combination of the elements of this configuration creates a classic-looking garment with the performance of a technical jacket. Characterised by refined details such as the cuffs with band and button and the high collar, it presents a touch of practicality thanks to the roomy lower pockets. The warm outer fabric guarantees thermal comfort, breathability and waterproofness. The gold-coloured lining provides harmony and light for a refined and sophisticated garment suitable for any occasion, from the most casual to the most elegant.

Technical features: Breathable – moisture controlling – stain repellent – UV stop – water repellent – waterproof – wind repellent Raintest AATCC 35-2000: Pass


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